Now available! - Twelve Days of Christmas Earrings Volume 5 with 12 all-new designs.

Now available! - Twelve Days of Christmas Earrings Volume 5 with 12 all-new designs.
Get ready for the Christmas Party season and make yourself some sparkly festive earrings. Christmas Trees, snowflakes, ornaments and stars - these are just a few of the fabulous earrings in this Volume

Monday, December 17, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 10

Today's earrings are called "Wrapped and Bejewelled" and use Beadalon Wrappers as the base component. The grooves around the outside of these components makes it really easy to wrap them with wire.

For today's earrings you'll need:

Cut a length of wire , approximately 30cm (12") long and wrap it several times around one of the notches close to the bail.

Wrap it around the notch diagonally across from the first notch and add a red crystal .

Continue wrapping around the notches adding silver and red beads on 6 of the wires. Make sure you add them on both the front and the back.

Once you get back to the notch on the other side of the bail, wrap it around the notch two or three times and then thread it back through the nearest bead.

Pull the wire through with the chain nose pliers taking up all the slack. Trim the wire with flush cutters taking care not to cut the wire the bead is threaded on.

Squeeze the bail together so that the prongs are closer together.

Place it opposite the bail on the Wrapper and squeeze it closed. You will need to do this with pliers. This is the top of the earring.

Cut two different lengths of chain, attach the longer one to the star and shorter one to the candy cane . Add a jump ring to the other end of each chain. Before closing the jump ring on the star component, add the holly charm and then hook it onto the bottom bail. Attach the candy component to the bottom bail also.

Hook the earring wire through the top bail and press the ball and wire together firmly. Use the remaining components to make a matching earring.

Just two more pairs to go -  make sure you check back to see what I've come up with.

'Til next time........


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