Bangles for BIG Girls...Bangles for PETITE Girls.... Bangles for AVERAGE Girls!

Bangles for BIG Girls...Bangles for PETITE Girls.... Bangles for AVERAGE Girls!
Add a touch of colour to your outfits with these fun and colourful resin bangles, sized to suit girls of all sizes. Magnetic clasps make these ideal for girls who find it hard to get a traditional bangle on their wrist. And they're available in a range of colours with different focals. Check them out in the Resin Jewellery Shop!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Bohemian Sapphire Earrings

These bohemian inspired chandelier earrings are so elegant. With ice-coloured crystals dangling gracefully from the bottom of the loops, they sparkle as they move creating an air of elegance and sophistication. The delicate look is achieved by combining cool coloured crystals with a lightweight silver filigree chandelier fitting. Add a sparkly cubic zirconia-set earring wire to make them even more upmarket and they'll look like they were handcrafted by a master jeweller!
Silver filigree chandelier earrings with dangling blue crystals

You'll need:
Twelve 4mm Sapphire Satin Swarovski bicones
Four Light Sapphire briolettes (I used 9x5mm but you can also use 11x5.5mm for this design)
Twelve silver head pins
Two filigree silver chandelier fittings with 7 loops (I got mine from Beads n Crystals)
Two cubic zirconia-set silver earring wires
24g non tarnish silver plated wire
Tools: round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, flush cutters

Set aside half the components and work on one earring at a time. String a bicone on each of the 6 head pins.
Row of head pins strung with blue crystals

Bend each one just above the crystal at a 90° angle.
Crystal head pin bent at a right angle with pliers

Trim the head pin to approximately 10mm (3/8").
Trimming bent head with wire cutters

Turn a simple loop.
Crystal component with loop on round nose pliers

Create a triangle jump ring: Place the end of the wire (approximately 2mm (1/16") in the jaws of the flat nose pliers and bend it at a 60° angle to create a short prong.
End of jewellery wire placed in the tips of flat nose pliers

Place the pliers on the other side of the bend you just made and bend the wire on the other side of the pliers at a 60° angle. This will be the first side of the triangle.
Jewellery wire being being in jaws of flat nose pliers

Place the pliers in the bend of the last angle formed and create another 60° angle. This forms the second side of the triangle.
Pliers bending wire into the shape of a triangle jump ring

Trim the wire to approximately 2mm (1/16"). This will be the second prong.
Trimming the excess wire away from a handmade triangle jump ring

Make two of these triangle components and set one aside for the second earring.

Hook the triangle jump ring through the top loop of the chandelier component.
Triangle jump ring hooked through loop in silver filigree chandelier earring fitting

Position one of the prongs into the briolette and then insert the other prong into the other side of the crystal. Gently squeeze the two sides together until the crystal is secured. Attach the second triangle jump ring and briolette to the middle loop along the bottom of the chandelier fitting in the same way.
Triangle jump ring being squeezed closed

Open the loops of the bicones and attach them to the remaining loops.
Attaching a crystal dangle through a loop in a silver chandelier earring component

If the loop of your earring wire loop is soldered like mine, use the flush cutters to cut the loop near the top.
Cutting the closed loop on an earring wire with wire cutters

Gently open the loop sideways and hook on the chandelier fitting. Close the loop again.
Chandelier fitting being hooked onto loop of earring wire

Now make a second earring to match and you're set to sparkle the night away.

'Til next time.......

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Make a Sparkly Swarovski Crystal Lamp

I've had a bee in my bonnet just recently. You see, a while back, I came across an eye catching ceiling pendant in a local homewares shop that I was really taken with. It was a simple black shade studded with chandelier crystals that sit suspended in little cutouts, allowing the light to glisten through the crystals. All I could think was how PERFECT it would be in my studio.......... and I really wanted it. If only it weren't a ceiling pendant!

I didn't end up buying that light fitting (althought I am still tempted) but it did inspire me to recreate the look in a more practical and compact table lamp that will glisten and gleam and be just as sparkly, if not more!

All it takes to create your own dazzling sparkle-icious lamp is an inexpensive black lamp with a chrome base....... and as many Swarovski crystals as your heart desires (or your budget allows).

Here's what you'll need:
Create a template for the crystals by tracing around them onto the transparency film. Cut out the shapes with the craft knife and then test the crystals for fit. They should just fit inside.

Trace the template onto the inside of the lampshade. Vary the position and order of the crystals to suit your taste. Make sure when you are tracing the shapes that you allow enough gap below each crystal to hang the top of the bowtie of the crystal below it. Cut each of the shapes out carefully with the knife.

I divided my shade into four sections and made each one different. This is just one section.

Insert the prong of a bowtie through each crystal.

Hold the prong with the chain nose pliers and gently bend it upwards, taking care not to chip the crystal. Bend the pin towards the centre of the bowtie so the crystal is secure.

Place the crystal in a corresponding cut out and mark the position of the top prong.

Mark the hole with the needle tool and then turn the lamp shade over, locate the hole and pierce it completely from the front.

Insert the second prong into the hole and using your fingers, bend it flush against the inside of the shade. Attach all the crystals in the same way.

Once you've finished, reassemble the lamp, switch it on and enjoy!

Even without light glistening through the crystals, the lampshade is still striking!

If your budget won't stretch as far as Swarovski crystals, you can use Chinese crystals for a less expensive version but for the absolute sparkliest sparkle, you just can't go past Swarovskis to make this eye catching lamp shade.

'Til next time.........


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